Road Signage

Road Signage

Site & Road Safety Signs
At Kerr Signs we are happy to work with you on your required road signs, these can range from private individuals to retailers and road service companies.

  • Traffic Management Private Individuals - Permanent wall mounted ‘keep clear’ signs for gates, or speed limit signs for long driveways.
  • Holiday Parks - Speed limit signage, speed bump warning signs and other directional signs.
  • Car Park - Disabled bay parking signs, pedestrian crossing signs and direction signs for improved navigation.
  • Factories - Directions to loading bays, parking bay reservation signs and give way signage.
  • NHS Trusts - Directional signage around sites to help find certain departments, as well as parking guidance signs.
  • Road Names & Street Signs - These permanent signs come with options to input a chosen street name and include symbols, such as those that indicate it is a no through road.

We cover all types of Road & Safety signs all of which can be made in various styles and sizes.

Workplace Signage:
Within the workplace, there is a massive requirement for safety signage. We have all bases covered.

  • Fire Safety Signage - Information to help with the location and use of fire safety equipment.
  • Emergency Exit Signage - Showing evacuation routes, fire exits, and assembly points.
  • Mandatory Signage - Instructions regarding access rules, keeping areas clear, and conditions of fire safety doors.
  • Prohibition Signage - Used to inform where smoking, pedestrians or activities are prohibited.
  • Warning Signage - Keep workers and visitors informed of hazards such as shock risks.
  • PPE Signage - Ensure workers understand what PPE should be worn with proper signage.
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What is Road Signage Printing?

Road signage printing is a type of printing service that is focused on producing signs for use on roads and highways in the UK. These signs are typically made from durable materials such as aluminum or plastic and are designed to be highly visible and legible from a distance.

Road signage printing in the UK is carried out by specialised printing companies such as ourselves here at Kerr Signs,  that have the equipment, materials, and expertise needed to produce high-quality signs that meet the legal and safety requirements for use on roads and highways.

Road signage printing in the UK is governed by strict regulations and standards set by the government to ensure that the signs are effective, visible, and safe for motorists and pedestrians. These regulations cover aspects such as the size, color, font, and spacing of the text, as well as the positioning and visibility of the signs.

Common types of road signs that may be produced through signage printing in the UK include speed limit signs, warning signs, directional signs, and regulatory signs. These signs play an important role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of the UK's road network.

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