Laser Engraving & CNC Routing


Laser Engraving & CNC Routing

CNC Services
We use state of the art technology to give a professional, flawless finish for every job.

Our design team works closely with our customers to achieve the finished product that excels all expectations and ensuring the project meet the time frame expected. Our highly experienced CNC operators manage the project on hand from start to finish, giving professional advice at all times.

We also provide a CNC routing service for customers who would like to use their own materials.

Laser Engraving
Laser technology is one of the most reliable and efficient  process for leaving your permanent mark. We can deliver exceptional results on various materials, regardless of how complex the requirements.  Images, graphics, and fonts can be replicated in high resolution to give that all important permanent result. Having the ability to introduce colours on various materials makes colour laser engraving a most in applications where it’s essential that text or icons be differentiated.

Laser marking and engraving allows design patterns and information graphics, and numbers to be permanently applied. As there is no contact to the surface this means there will be no unwanted marks made on the substrate being used.

With laser technology, Kerr Signs, expertly produce a large range of engraved and etched labels and nameplates bespoke to order.

Brailli Signage
Braille signage is perfect for use in every area of sign display, from retail environments, workplaces, schools, universities and more. Our Braille tool allows us to insert small spheres into the signs creating extremely durable and hardwearing Braille signage. Braille can be added to any signage design and is particularly useful for all wayfinding signs such as bathrooms, building directories and lift lobby signs.


About our Laser Engraving & CNC Routing

Laser engraving and CNC routing have revolutionized the signage industry, providing businesses with an efficient and cost-effective way to create high-quality signs. Here are some of the key benefits of laser engraving and CNC routing for signage solutions:

  1. Precision and detail: Laser engraving and CNC routing machines offer unparalleled precision and detail, allowing businesses to create intricate designs and lettering on their signs.

  2. Versatility: These machines can be used on a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, metal, and acrylic, providing businesses with a wide range of options for their signage needs.

  3. Customization: Laser engraving and CNC routing allow businesses to create customized signs that are unique to their brand and message.

  4. Durability: Signs created using laser engraving and CNC routing are built to last, with the ability to withstand outdoor elements and high traffic areas.

  5. Speed and efficiency: These machines offer fast and efficient production, enabling businesses to quickly and easily create high-quality signage solutions.

In conclusion, laser engraving and CNC routing have revolutionized the signage industry, providing businesses with precision, versatility, customization, durability, and speed. These innovative technologies are an ideal solution for businesses looking to create high-quality signs that make a lasting impression.

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