General Signage Printing

General Signage Printing

All types and styles of signage can be manufactured in our well equipped workshop from the small name plate to large LED signage. Our signs are designed to be eye-catching.

We have a solution for all budgets!

Totem Signs:
Totems are freestanding sign solutions fabricated from different materials standing as high as 6 metres and can be illuminated. Totems are used for a range of purposes, which vary from sector to sector and business to business. They can be used as a wayfinding solution or to advertise a corporate branding.

Totems are mostly located in a prominent place such as the main entrance to a school, hospital, filing station and business premises in general.

Fabricated Signage and Letters:
For outdoor signage that really stands out, Kerr Signs recommends fabricated letters or signs. This creates a unique, image that adds quality to any building.

Kerr Signs also designs and manufactures wall projecting or post mounted fabricated signs and built-up sign letters to suit a wide range of business from commercial, manufacturing, education and leisure.  They can be used in both internal or external spaces.

The materials we use are also incredibly diverse.  Aluminium and stainless steel are the most popular fabricated lettering choices.

Aluminium is lightweight and suitable for installing onto glazed areas or on composite cladding panels. Stainless steel is the most durable and versatile material and, if maintained, will last for many years.  Stainless steel fabricated letters are available in grain finish, mirror or satin polished finishes.

Illuminated Signs:
Exterior illuminated signage solutions are designed to create impact, that also blends with the landscape.  Imposing architectural structures that welcome and informs.

Kerr Signs Illumination signs takes exterior signage further in LED technology and devised sustainable ways of illuminating fabricated letters, glass and other architectural signage.

LEDs are safe, low voltage and virtually maintenance-free. LEDs also consume less power and are far more energy efficient than traditional lighting methods. Sustainable LED signage is the preferred illumination for planners thanks to its low power and lux levels.

Kerr Signs supplies fabricated letters with full metal back trays for face illumination or clear acrylic back trays for a halo lighting effect.

Signs can also be illuminated with an LED downlighter which will light the signage area and the immediate area below the signage.



General Signage for Printing

Name plates:
We design and manufactures nameplates in a wide range of materials, finishes and production processes that complement the aesthetics of interior and exterior spaces and project first impressions that really do mean business.

Our personalised nameplate solutions also address the requirements of an organisation’s corporate identity, remaining sensitive to its brand and marketing philosophy in a unique and impactful style. The range of materials we have used have broadened considerably. From metals such as aluminium, stainless steel and brass to sustainable woods, glass, contemporary vinyls and acrylic composites. The same variety applies to the finishes and effects we add to our architectural nameplates during the production process. From traditional engraving and etching of logos, text and graphics to infilled paint, vitreous enamelling and inlaid materials, our specialist manufacturing team is adept at crafting beautiful, long lasting nameplates.

Glass Pictures & Splashbacks:
Give your kitchen or bathroom an extra wow factor and create your own bespoke Printed Image glass splashback or print photographs from that special occasion onto glass.

  • Printed to the Highest Quality UV print
  • Produced using the highest quality 6mm Toughened low-iron Glass
  • Polished smooth edges
  • Non-fade Image
  • Easy wipeable surface

Fabric Printing
Light weight frame systems are revolutionising the way we deliver interior graphics. They are easy to update with fresh designs, and can be backlit for extra effect. Fabric Frames can transform any interior and quickly change the feel and ambiance of a room in a matter of minutes. Our lightweight graphics are easy to use and made from superior quality fabrics paired with our flatbed printer for direct UV printing it will be hard to beat an exceptional colour output.

Specialising in both internal and external wayfinding signage, Kerr Signs can offer a complete corporate range of solutions to suit any situation.  Our wayfinding signs are available in a selection of different materials and finishes.

Kerr Signs manufacture large projecting building signs made from 3D lettering held in place with a metal extrusion. Perfect for external buildings. These are available in a range of fonts and colours and are available in a wide selection of finishes. 3D external building signs are Perfect for offices, businesses, cafes, restaurants and more… They are designed to fit directly to the wall, each sign is supplied with our extremely popular Standoff fitting in either an aluminium or brass finish.

A modern and attractive collection of wayfinding signs for walls and doors are made to order. We have a range of designs available that are extremely quick and easy to fit and are perfect for toilets, hotels, offices and public spaces.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of custom and bespoke signage, tailored to your  branding requirements for further information contact our team to chat about your design requirements

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